Hessam Sarjoughian

Hessam S. Sarjoughian Ph.D., CMSP

Associate Professor, Computer Science & Computer Engineering
School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence

Co-Director, ACIMS
Faculty, CSDC, Honors College

Core research topics are on modeling theories, methodologies, and frameworks that can support the development of composable, heterogenous, multi-scale systems-of-systems.


Modeling Theories

Polymorphic Model Composability, Real-time Models

Modeling Methodologies

Cyber-Physical Networked Systems, Agent-Based Simulation, Service-Oriented Simulation

Publications, ResearchGate, Google Scholar

Tools, Frameworks, Applications

Simulation and Modeling

DEVS-Suite [Integrated Model Checking and Simulation, Real-time modeling, real-time simulation, RTL]


CoSMoS [DEVS structural component with behavioral activity and Statecharts modeling]


Coupled Natural & Human Systems, Food-Energy-Water Nexus, Network-on-Chip, System Biology


Hybrid System Architecture

Model-Based Design

Modeling and Simulation


Software Anal. & Des. (CSE 460) [Fall 19, Spring 20]

Software Req. & Spec. (CSE 563) [Fall 19]

Software Design (CSE 564) [Spring 20]


Arizona Center for Integrative Modeling & Simulation (ACIMS)

Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity (CSDC)

Barrett Honors College (The Honors College)